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Time in the World's most populous cities

Tokyo, Japan 28.0M

Mexico City, Mexico 18.1M

Mumbai, India 18.0M

So Paulo, Brazil 17.7M

New York City, USA 16.6M

Shanghai, China 14.1M

Lagos, Nigeria 13.4M

Los Angeles, USA 13.1M

Kolkata, India (Calcutta) 12.9M

Buenos Aires, Argentina 12.4M

Seul, South Korea 12.2M

Beijing, China 12.0M

Karachi, Pakistan 11.7M

Delhi, India 11.6M

Dhaka, Bangladesh 10.9M

Manila, Philippines 10.8M

Cairo, Egypt 10.7M

saka, Japan 10.6M

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 10.5M

Tianjin, China 10.2M

Jakarta, Indonesia 9.8M

Paris, France 9.6M

Istanbul, Turkey 9.4M

Moscow, Russian Federation 9.2M

London, United Kingdom 7.6M

Lima, Peru 7.4M

Tehrn, Iran 7.3M

Bangkok, Thailand 7.2M

Chicago, USA 6,9M

Bogot, Colombia 6,8M

Hyderabad, India 6,8M

Chennai, India 6,6M

Essen, Germany 6,5M

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 6.4M

Hangzhou, China 6,3M

Hong Kong, China 6,0M

Lahore, Pakistan 6,0M

Shenyang, China 5,6M

Changchun, China 5,5M

Bangalore, India 5,5M

Harbin, China 5,4M

Chengdu, China 5,2M

Santiago, Chile 5,2M

Guangzhou, China 5,1M

St Petersburg, Russian Federation 5,1M

Kinshasa, DRC 5,0M

Baghdd, Iraq 4,7M

Jinan, China 4,7M

Wuhan, China 4,7M

Toronto, Canada 4,6M

Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) 4,4M

Alger, Algeria (Algiers) 4,4M

Philadelphia, USA 4,398k

Qingdao, China 4,3M

Milano, Italy (Milan) 4,2M

Busan, South Korea (Pusan) 4,2M

Belo Horizonte, Brazil 4,1M

Ahmadabad, India 4,1M

Madrid, Spain 4,0M

San Francisco, USA 4,0M

Alexandria, Egypt 3,9M

Washington DC, USA 3,9M

Houston, USA 3,9M

Dallas, USA 3,9M

Guadalajara, Mexico 3,9M

Chongqing, China 3,8M

Medellin, Colombia 3,8M

Detroit, USA 3,7M

Handan, China 3,7M

Frankfurt, Germany 3,7M

Porto Alegre, Brazil 3,6M

Hanoi, Vietnam 3,6M

Sydney, Australia 3,6M

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 3,6M

Singapore, Singapore 3,5M

Casablanca, Morocco 3,5M

Katowice, Poland 3,4M

Pune, India 3,4M

Bandung, Indonesia 3,4M

Monterrey, Mexico 3,4M

Montral, Canada 3,4M

Nagoya, Japan 3,3M

Nanjing, China 3,3M

Abidjan, Cte d'Ivoire 3,3M

Xi'an, China 3,3M

Berlin, Germany 3,3M

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 3,3M

Recife, Brazil 3,3M

Dsseldorf, Germany 3,2M

Ankara, Turkey 3,1M

Melbourne, Australia 3,1M

Salvador, Brazil 3,1M

Dalian, China 3,1M

Caracas, Venezuela 3,1M

Adis Abeba, Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) 3,1M

Athina, Greece (Athens) 3,1M

Cape Town, South Africa 3,0M

Kln, Germany (Cologne) 3,0M

Maputo, Mozambique 3,0M

Napoli, Italy (Naples) 3,0M


USA & Canada clocks
on Daylight Saving Time until:
Sunday 1 November 2015 2am local time

EU / UK clocks on
GMT until:

Sunday 29 March 1am GMT

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