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Argentina Time


What is the current local time now in Argentina Time Zone

What is the local time now in Argentina Time Zone?

Clock showing the local time right now in Argentina (Buenos Aires) Time Zone

What time zone is Argentina in?

Argentina Standard Time is 3 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-3).  

Does Argentina observe Daylight Saving Time?

There is a history of using Daylight Savings Time but varies year-to-year.

In 2009-2010 it wasn't formally adopted at national level.

"Sin Cambio de Hora" ( "No hour change")

  • "Por el momento, el Gobierno Nacional resolvió no modificar la hora oficial, decisión que estaba en estudio para su implementación el domingo 18 de octubre. Desde el Ministerio de Planificación se anunció que la Argentina hoy, en estas condiciones meteorológicas, no necesita la modificación del huso horario, ya que 2009 nos encuentra con crecimiento en la producción y distribución energética."
  • At the moment, the National Government decided not to change the official time, a decision that was under consideration for deployment on Sunday, October 18. From the Ministry Planning was announced that Argentina today in these weather conditions, does not require modification of the time zone to that 2009 finds us with growth in energy production and distribution.

Normal schedule of DST

The situation is fluid year-to-year at both National and Provincial level. When in use Nationally some provinces plan to adopt Daylight Saving / Summer Time, whilst others do not.  Date schedules are not legally formalised.  There is usually an announcement, often at short notice about dates, when in use.

When in use Argentina Daylight Saving Time is 2 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-2).  

Time in Argentine: San Luis only

Clock showing the local time right now in Argentina (San Luis) Time Zone

San Luis, Argentina is using a different time zone that all the rest of Argentina.

This is the link for the local law (Spanish) that defines the new time zone:

Basically the law says:

  • San Luis, Argentina will use the time zone GMT-3 from 00.00 on the second Sunday of October to 00:00 of the second Saturday of April.
  • San Luis, Argentina will use the time zone GMT-4 from 00.00 on the second Sunday of April to 00:00 of the second Saturday of October.

What is the International Telephone Dialling Code for Argentina?

The International Dialling Code for Argentina is +54.

Argentina Time
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